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The Curacao Reef Restoration Program is an initiative of Ocean Encounters Curacao and we are supported by our community, sponsors, volunteers and the Coral Restoration Foundation International.

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The main objectives of this program are the restoration of our shallow water reef system, educating the community (the youth in particular) and protecting and preserving Curacao’s natural ecosystem.

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You can help our cause by helping us raise awareness and educating the community. With your support and donations we can start protecting and restoring our reefs and ecosystems.

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The significance of the Curacao Reef Restoration Program is that together as a community here on Curacao, we will be restoring our shallow water reef system while educating our youth about the importance of protecting and preserving our natural ecosystem

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December 9th, 2016

Coral Restoration Foundation Curacao Is Making Great Progress

Coral Restoration Foundation Curacao is happy to share some good news and progress with you. We also want to extend our appreciation and to thank our volunteers, local and private donors and sponsors of the foundation for the hard work, support and dedication this year.

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