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Coral Restoration Foundation Curacao

Coral Restoration Foundation Curacao is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to protect en restore endangered coral species in the Caribbean sea. Main objectives are restoring the shallow water population of Staghorn (Acropora Cervicornis) and Elkhorn (Acropora Palmata) and educate the local community, in particular the youth.

What we do

Coral nursery

Coral Restoration Foundation Curacao currently maintains 38 coral supporting trees. These trees hold the coral fragments, providing them with perfect growing conditions by being close to the light, off the sea floor away from preditors and in the presence of an abundance of nutriens.


Coral Restoration Foundation Curacao helps rebuilding reefs by outplanting clusters of corals on structures all along the coast of Curacao. The corals will in time overgrow their structure and form a new, independent coral colony to house many types of fish and marine species.


Coral Restoration Foundation Curacao strives to raise awareness and educate the local community. We work close together with International School of Curacao (ISC) and the Curacao American Preparatory School (CAPS). The students frequently come to assist our CRF team with work at the nurseries.

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