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The seeds for the Coral Restoration Foundation Curacao were planted back in 2013 at the DEMA show in Orlando, Florida. It is there that Ocean Encounters Curacao representatives Nolo Ambrosi and Jeremiah Peek met with Ken Nedimyer, Founder and President of the of the Coral Restoration Foundation International.

Learning in Bonaire
Things really started to take shape in 2014, when Monica Ambrosi, Jeremiah Peek and Pol Bosch went to Bonaire to meet with Augusto Montburn and Francesca Virdis of the Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire. The Ocean Encounters representatives took a course and came back very excited to get a coral restoration project started on Curacao.

Official launch on Curacao
The team has been working hard ever since, setting up the foundation, creating a board and obtaining the required permits. In May 2015, Coral Restoration Curacao launched and successfully set up the island’s first Coral Nursery between May 19th and May 24th on the house reef of Ocean Encounters Diving and Lions Dive and Beach Resort.

Get in touch
If you are looking to donate, become a sponsor, a volunteer or if you require more information about the foundation, please feel free to contact us via info@coralrestorationcuracao.org.


Looking to make a one time (or monthly) donation? Please check out our donation page for more information.

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