Club members

Club membership

CRFC club membership program

This program has been developed to establish guidelines for CRFC Club Members to assist with CRFC activities. To become a CRFC Club Member, divers must participate in the following:

1a. Presentation on CRFC

1b. Basic training on operational matters

1c. Initial guided dive to the nursery (tank included)

Yearly donation
2. A minimum donation to CRFC of Naf. 100 will be paid yearly by each Club Member.

Member benefits and requirements
3. CRFC will provide Club Members with a CRFC tag.

4. CRFC Club Members are entitled to a special discounted rental rates offered by Ocean Encounters for tanks and other diver gear.

5. Club Members agree to perform specific task as required and requested by CRFC and will report back results to CRFC after the visit to the nursery.

6. Club Members will be able to assist CRFC with tasks as required

7. Club Members may join CRFC scheduled trips to the nursery.

Social media
8. CRFC will set up a sign-up calendar with visits to the nursery and will post it on Facebook as well.

9. Club Members will be automatically subscribed to the CRFC newsletter when it becomes available.

10) Any addition or change to this program will be notified to each volunteer via e-mail.

Upcoming events

There are currently no scheduled upcoming events.

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Join the club

To become a member CRFC Club Member, please fill in the e-form below.

You may also download, fill in and email us the CRFC Club Member information sheet.

A CRFC representative will contact you as soon as possible to complete the registration process.

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Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the registration process.

Looking to make a one time (or monthly) donation? Please check out our donation page for more information.

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