New Coral Nursery at Atlantis Diving


New Coral Nursery at Atlantis Diving

Project details

December 2017

Atlantis Diving reef


In December 2017, we set up a new nursery with our new affiliate: Atlantis Diving. In addition to the 20 coral “trees” at Stella Maris, we added 6 “trees” on their house reef. As a team, we put the PVC trees together, prepared the site and anchored the trees in the sand. A few pieces of Staghorn coral were taken from the main nursery and were fragged to the initial 184 pieces that are now hanging at the nursery at Atlantis.

These 6 trees that were implemented will house Staghorn Coral (Acropora cervicornis) until the pieces are large enough to be fragged and eventually out-planted around the nursery at Atlantis Diving.

It is a big step for the CRF in Curaçao, as this means our conservation work is expanding and more local communities are getting involved. We are excited to expand this project as far as we can to grow and plant as many corals as possible to aid in saving our reefs. A big thank you to Atlantis Diving for helping us make this happen.

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