Restoration projects

Stella Maris

Stella Maris is the house reef in front of facility hosting dive shop Ocean Encounters. Besides being one of our biggest outplanting sites, this is also the dive site that houses the majority of 20 nursery trees. Because of it’s convenient location next to the nursery trees Stella Maris is home to an astonishing 2400 Staghorn corals and 550 Elkhorn corals. This number is still growing!  

Director's Bay

In May 2017 we started restoring Curacao’s well known dive and snorkel site: Director’s Bay. We planted out 180 pieces of Staghorn corals, spread over multiple bamboo structures in the shallows. At the same time we planted 40 Elkhorn corals on various rock formations around the site. During the celebration of our 3rd anniversary in May 2018 we added another 350 Staghorn corals! This makes Director’s Bay an excellent dive and snorkel spot to witness our restoration work. 

Sweet Bottom

In May 2016 we started restoring the reef of “sweet bottom”. We outplanted 20 Elkhorn and 40 Staghorn corals with epoxy. Six months later we added another 80 Staghorn corals, this time on metal structures. In May 2017, a year after the initial start, we expanded the site with 190 pieces of Staghorn coral, spread over multiple metal structures.

Latest check up shows the corals are doing great!

Atlantis House reef

Dive school Atlantis joined forces in December 2017. Once the corals on their trees had grown big enough, about 9 months later, they could start outplanting on their house reef! Currently they have 10 bamboo structures full of Staghorn corals, but this number is likely to grow soon as the corals are thriving.

Avila Beach Hotel

In February 2019 Coral Restoration Foundation Curaçao signed a partnership agreement with Avila Beach Hotel to repopulate the house reef in front of the hotel.

The project will be for a period of 3 years. During these 3 years Avila will have 6 nursery trees located in front of their hotel where the corals can grow. When they are big enough the restoration process can begin and pieces of Staghorn coral will be outplanted on the reef.

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