Coral Restoration Curaçao
Coral Restoration Curaçao Vision

Coral Restoration Curaçao Vision

Coral Restoration Curaçao’s (CRC) vision is of a future where the shallow water reef systems of Curaçao are no longer threatened and ocean stewardship and protecting our coral reefs is at the heart of Curaçao’s culture.

All aspects of our island depend on coral reefs, from coastal protection and food on our table to revenue from tourism. The existence of coral reefs is intertwined into much of the infrastructure and revenue on the island. However, these coral reefs are threatened by human impacts and reef restoration is only part of the solution.

For us to effectively build back and restore the shallow water reef systems of Curaçao, we need the support of a variety of stakeholders and government officials.

We need to take the importance of coral reefs out of the water and make it something that is valued by the whole community of Curaçao.

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Coral Restoration Curaçao Mission

Coral Restoration Curaçao Mission.

Our mission is to enhance populations of threatened coral species across Curaçao and to engage the public with the importance of the oceans.

By creating awareness about the state of the coral reefs, we increase our ability to improve the governance of the waters surrounding Curaçao.

Our strategy for 2020-2022 will see us focusing on three areas of work

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